Thinking about buying a new home?

Whether you are buying for the first time, the last time, or sometime in-between, buying a home can be stressful. But it needn't be! Janet's goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible. In fact, Janet developed this site largely in response to buyers' questions over the past 20 years!


Get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan. Find out exactly how much you can afford. It doesn't mean you will spend that much, it just gives you a guideline for looking at homes. After all, it is just as frustrating to fall in love with a home you can't afford as it is to spend your time looking at homes that fall well under your range. Janet will be happy to recommend lenders and/or mortgage brokers to pre-qualify or pre-approve you.

You may want to use First Republic Bank's Mortgage Calculator to get a general idea.


Decide where you want to live. Often, this goes hand in hand with what you can afford in the different neighborhoods, and Janet can advise you. However, there are some important considerations such as:

FOG MAP: The most frequently asked question is: "How foggy is that area?" To answer the question, Janet developed the San Francisco Fog Map (Microclimates) and Garden Guide.

WALK TO COFFEE (W2C): The second most frequently asked question is: "Can I walk to Coffee?" Janet's W2C Factor details neighborhood by neighborhood (District and Subdistrict) the best neighborhoods for walking to coffee. (And if there's a coffee house, there are usually a few other stores that make the walk there more interesting!) Of course, some areas are very hilly, making walking for some but the most athletic virtually impossible, so for that reason, Janet developed the Terrain Factor.

TERRAIN: The terrain is divided into three types: Flat, Gently Rolling Hills and Hilly. After all, a walk to coffee factor of 4 (frothy latte symbol) coupled with a hilly terrain is just not as convenient as a coffee factor of 4 with a flat terrain, especially if you're walking with a stroller or an older parent!

SCHOOLS: Many people ask about local Public Schools and Private Schools. Here they are!

AFFORDABILITY: How much house you can afford in each of the neighborhoods will vary. Then it is up to you to decide if a larger home in one area is preferable to a smaller home in another. First Republic Bank'sPrestige Home IndexTM will give you an idea of the current luxury market. Janet can advise you on what you can expect and where.


Searching for Homes: You never have to leave this site! Feel free to search all of San Francisco, or search the world. Janet can help you with any property you find. Better yet, call Janet and register for the Client Login section to gain access to privileged information for buyers. Of course, no one buys a home from a website, it's just a good way to survey the market. Janet will show you anything you find online and other listings that are not on the open market. After 20 years in the business, if Janet hasn't sold it, she has at least seen it! Janet's market knowledge is unparalleled in the industry.

Deciphering Real Estate Ads can be tricky, and this article will help clarify the often-obscure ads you may encounter.


How much is it worth? Once you have found the property you want to call "home," the most important step follows: Making an offer. Janet's expert knowledge at market analysis will ensure that you pay only what the property is worth. Negotiation is a huge part of the process, and Janet's skill in negotiation ensures that you will get the best price and terms possible. Whether you are buying for the first time, the last time, or sometime in-between, Janet will carefully guide you through the entire process.


Escrow. During the escrow period, Janet will help you as you go through the home inspection process and all the disclosure details that attend every sale.


Closing and beyond. Janet will attend to all the details of the close, making sure that everything is perfectly coordinated. After the close, Janet will always be your resource guide for all your home care needs!

Why trust the important job of buyer's agent to anyone less qualified?

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